Kern Miniature 400 Day Clock, Nickel Plated

This Kern miniature 400 day clock has nickel-plated base, pendulum, pillars, platform and bezel. The suspension bracket and pendulum bracket are also nickel-plated, the movement plates are not. It is a newer clock (the owner remembers buying it in Germany around 1972 or 1973) and has a very thin base that warps easily. It is 7 1/4 inches tall without the dome.

I polished the pivots and replaced the suspension spring. It uses a .0023 inch thick suspension spring, unit 12F (but about 1/8 inch longer). Horolovar back plate no. 1406G.

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  1. ive got the k u s lV

    clock given to me from

    my nan i was asking if ican get it repaired and do i need to get it valved ive got reciept of original purchase

  2. hi,

    I have a small kern 400 day anniversary clock, thats not going. had it at the clock repairers for just on 12 months could not fix, it ran fine for an hour or so ,then raced ahead three to four hours then ran good for a while. then repeated its time racing. so they put it back together how it was when I took it ti them. sitting on mantle not going what a shame. could you tell me of anyone that might be able to repair this clock in toowoomba or brisbane qld.
    regards steve

  3. I have a Kern 400 day anniversary clock purchased c1975. on backplate is KuS P1. Have you any idea which suspension spring I need and where I can get one from.

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