Kundo 400 Day Clock – Locking Suspension Guard

The most delicate part of a 400 day clock is the thin wire called the “suspension spring” that holds the pendulum and controls its rotation. On many 400 day clocks, the pendulum can be locked in place for shipping and there is a metal or plastic guard to protect the suspension spring. On earlier clocks, the pendulum needed to be removed for shipping.

Kundo 400 day clocks from the early 1950s have a sliding piece on the guard that secures the bottom of the suspension spring during shipping. The photos below show the guard locked and unlocked, and also show an incorrect guard (a later one) on a clock that needs the earlier guard with the slider.

Job 5207. Horolovar back plate no. 1375. Suspension unit 1, uses 0.0032 inch thick suspension spring.

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  1. There is a coil spring at the top of the pendulum which pushes a brass collar down.

    Push the collar up, then push out the horizontal pin that holds the block into the pendulum.

  2. Spring in the clock has a metal screw on that attashes to the top part of the 4 pendulum. The block is inside and I can not get it out. Does anyone have any idea’s?

  3. i have this clock, the suspension wire is not in tact, what is the cost to repair and what is this clock valued at

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