New Haven Walnut Kitchen Clock

Over the past several months I’ve been so busy repairing clocks and designing my Westclox history database, that I haven’t written in my blog! Here is a post about a New Haven walnut kitchen clock, and I shall post some more clocks this week.

This New Haven walnut cased “kitchen” or shelf clock from the 1880s has a fanciful case top and a multicolor stenciled glass in the door. The dial is missing some paint, but what is present is original.

The movement is 8 day time and strike. A characteristic of this movement is that the  time mainspring is 3/4 inches wide, but the strike mainspring is only 5/8  inches wide. This movement, like many New Havens, has a zinc spacer between the mainspring and the mainwheel.

The time mainspring was stronger than necessary, 0.0177 inches thick. I replaced it with a mainspring 3/4 x 0.016 x 120 inches long, Timesavers #15959.

The original strike mainspring of 5/8 x 0.018 inches was retained in the clock.

The pivots and holes had a lot of wear. I polished the pivots and installed 16 bushings.

Here are more photos.

Repair job 5301.

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