E. N. Welch Drop Octagon

This drop octagon with simple calendar was made by E. N. Welch in Forestville, Connecticut. It has a walnut veneered case and a painted dial. The glass in the door is labeled “Lowery Insurance” which was an agency in Flora, Indiana. It was made around the 1870s – 1880s.

The movement is 8-day time and strike, and is the large, old type with 4 wheels in each gear train. The mainsprings are the originals with rolled loop ends, and are semi-smooth. The time mainspring is 11/16 x 0.0182 inches, and the strike mainspring is 11/16 x 0.0173 inches.

The most important repair was replacing the click rivets, which were about to fail (a click rivet that lets loose will let the key spin backwards during winding, possibly causing injury.) The pivots were polished and 6 bushings installed. Also, a missing calendar gear was replaced to make the calendar (which shows the day of the month) operational again. The calendar hand may not be original.

Repair job 5269.

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  1. HGello Bill:
    I’m a subscriber to your Youtube channel, always interesting.
    Today a friend of mine give me, as a present, and old Welch octagon wall clock that he found in their gandpa attic.
    The clock is in very bad shape. No pendulum nor hands, but the case is just like the one you beautifully restored. It’s movement looks complete (no calendar, by the way) and has the gong.
    My intention is to restore this clock, and I need some info about it: please let me know the length of the pendulum, and the size of the hands.
    I’ll be very grateful for your help.
    Bests Regards and thanks for share your knowledge.

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