Terry Clock Co., One-Day Walnut Shelf Clock

This one-day walnut shelf clock was made by Terry Clock Co., Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Terry Clock Co. was in Pittsfield from 1883 – 1888. The company was located in Waterbury, Connecticut from 1867 – 1880. In 1888 they became known as Russell & Jones Clock Co.

This clock is 19 7/8 inches tall, 13 1/2 inches wide and the time track on the paper face is 4 7/8 inches diameter.

The escapement is unusual. The entrance pallet has separate locking and impulse faces, as in a deadbeat escapement. The exit pallet has just one face, as in a recoil escapement. There is a slight recoil on the entry pallet, because the escape wheel teeth face backward as in a recoil escapement. This causes the contact area to slide up the tooth as it engages the entry pallet.

Here is a video of the escapement:

The minute wheel is mounted to a stud inside the front plate. The front of the movement is labeled:

Terry Clock Co.
Pittsfield, Mass.

The case has a cardboard beat scale, and a paper label inside the bottom of the case. There is also a paper label outside the case, on the back.The spade hands with hole and dial are original.

The mainsprings are original. Time mainspring: 5/16 x 0.0178 inches. Strike spring: 5/16 x 0.0172 inches.

The repair work included reversing the wires in the escape wheel pinion, straightening the tips of the escape wheel teeth, making a new tension collar for the center arbor (the old one was split and didn’t hold), and shape the warning lift lever correctly. I also polished the pivots, installed 13 bushings, and made a new door latch (the front part of the original was broken off).

See more photos.

Repair job 5370.

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