Another 1950’s Regula 8 Day Cuckoo Clock Movement

I just overhauled another 8 day cuckoo clock from the 1950’s with a Regula movement. This one is interesting in that the back of the movement is labeled “Hubert Herr, Triberg” beneath the Regula logo. Later, Hebert Herr manufactured his own movements in competition with Regula.

This movement differs from the previous one in having the two cuckoo bellow lifters located in opposite positions. This points out that before disassembling a cuckoo clock movement, you should note the location of the hammer and the two bellow lifters.

The customer has the top carving, so I couldn’t illustrate it here. The case body is 13 inches tall, and the dial’s overall diameter is 3 3/4 inches.

One repair often needed on these clocks is to replace the clicks. Correct replacement clicks are available in “Chainwheel Repair Kits” available from suppliers including R & M Imports, Timesavers, and Mile Hi Clock Supplies. The last photo below shows the contents of the repair kit. For the movement being discussed here, the click is used, and the larger rivet is used if necessary (for this movement, it is okay to reuse the rivet if it came out cleanly. For clocks with mainsprings, new custom made rivets should always be used). The other parts are not needed (save them for possible future use.)

The weights weigh 1505 and 1460 grams. It doesn’t matter which weight goes on which side.

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One comment

  1. Hi,
    I was very interested to read your info. on cuckoo
    clock repair,I wonder if you could point me in the right direction?
    I have just purchased a (mapsa) regula clock with
    amusical and cuckoo movement, unfortuneately the
    weights are jammed right up to the bottom of the
    clock, and one chain seems as though is attatched to nothing, In addition it is missing the back
    cover, which measures 5 and half ins. wide by 6ins.high, it looks as though it slots into cut outs, and I also wonder does this hold a gong of
    some sort?it is a very thin back cover judging by
    the openings,
    I am really sorry to trouble you but would really
    appreciate your help.
    Kind regards

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