Sessions “Stratford” Tambour Mantel Clock

This Sessions tambour mantel clock is named “Stratford” on the label inside the rear door. The case is 21 5/16 inches wide and 9 3/8 inches tall. The aluminum dial with embossed numerals has a 5 1/4 inch time track. The label has the date 11 – 39 (November 1939) stamped in ink.

I did only a partial repair on this clock, per customer request. I disassembled and cleaned it, and replaced the click rivets (the time click had come completely off the mainwheel, allowing the mainspring to unwind. I also replaced the brass wire clicksprings with steel wire for greater reliability (the old brass ones often fail).

This clock has stronger mainsprings than necessary (both 3/4 inch wide by 0.018 inch thick). They hadn’t caused much mainwheel tooth wear yet, but are fairly hard to wind. If I were doing a full overhaul I’d be tempted to replace them with 3/4 x 0.0165 by 120 inch or 96 inch long springs. The 120 inch springs cost a bit more, but will help the clock to keep more consistent time as it runs down.

See more photos.

Repair job 5371.

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  1. I have a clock like this with the date of 10-38. How would I find out if it is of more than sentimental value?

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