Ansonia Porcelain Cased Mantel Clock

I recently repaired this pretty clock. The back of the case is labeled:

8-Day Hour and Half Hour
Cathedral Bell Strike
Manufactured Expressly For
The American Wringer Co
No 99 Chambers Street
New York
No. D-. 363

The number 363 is hand written.

The movement is Ansonia’s efficient running 8 day time and strike with the original thin mainsprings.

Time Mainspring: 3/4 x 0.0157 inch loop end

Strike Mainspring: 3/4 x 0.0153 inch loop end

I polished the pivots, installed 11 bushings, replaced the click rivets (so the winding mechanism will be reliable), installed new wires in one pinion, and made and installed new return springs on the hammer and count lever.

See more photos.

Repair job 5434.

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  1. I enjoyed this site and short story about the clock. I have a clock with the same label etc. My clock# is 1583 and I am looking for the pendulum, do you sell them, or know what size and where I can get one? I know nothing about it. Thank you Denis

  2. I own this clock with the number2031 written on the back. It belonged to my grandmother. Can you share any of its history? Thank you.

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