Seth Thomas Cottage Clock, Late Model

Cottage clocks (small simple spring driven shelf clocks) were popular starting around the 1850s. This is a much newer one, using the Seth Thomas no. 89A movement, and was probably made around the 1920s. The 89A movement is a variation on the basic no. 89 used in many Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clocks. This clock has a veneered case that is 13 inches tall, 9 1/4 inches wide at the base, with a 5 1/2 inch dial (the dial is a replacement paper dial). It is interesting that they veneered the rear of the case as well! The pendulum bob is 2 13/16 inches in diameter.

This movement has the feature of stopworks (2 extra gears on the left and right of the front plate to limit the range of operation of the mainsprings).

This movement has about 35% wear on the time and strike mainwheel teeth, even though the mainsprings are not outrageously strong. The mainsprings are original, the time spring being around 0.0165 – 0.0172 inch thick, and the strike spring about 0.0172 inch thick. The movement needed many bushings, and most of the pivots needed polishing.

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Repair job 5470.

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