Schatz Square Dial 400 Day Clock, 1953

I recently repaired this square dial Schatz 400 day clock made in November 1953. I cleaned the movement, polished the pivots and the anchor pin, and replaced the suspension spring. These clocks use a 0.004 inch thick Horolovar suspension spring. I also polished and lacquered the base and pillars. The square dial clock is not as common as the round dial model.

See more photos.

Repair job 5518.

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  1. Need a suspension wire for my clock same one as in the pic above I’m in Conway sc any idea where to get one

  2. Bill, our family has a Schatz Square Faced Clock that works very well, but the silver plating on the face was damaged by a person who did not know what they were doing when it was cleaned. Is this something you could repair?

  3. hi, i recently purchased a clock that on the face under the 6 has germany stamped and on the bottom is 4893 and has a circle with looks like a w and 2 lines under it with looks like the letters i p or i d or p p or d d between the upper spacings of the w the numbers are numerical it is a rotating pendulum etching on back housing looks to be the letters BE. Im curious to know its maker and possible value it is not brass but metal, works and in good condition

  4. I have one squared face clock in the face is the name Cardinal and underneath the clock it says made in germany and 4893 ,do you know when it was made and how much its worth

  5. I can’t give an exact value as I’ve seen prices all over the place. In good condition it would probably sell for around $300 – $400 in a clock shop, but would bring less on eBay or the average antique store.

  6. Hi Paul… I have my moms square faced clock from 1955… It’s working fine… Any idea how much it’s worth? My uncle had it shipped from France…

  7. I recently picked up a Schatz Square Face 400 day clock.
    The suspension spring is broke. I see that you repair this type of clock. What would it take to repair this one. Repair and clean there wasn’t a key to wind it with, is that something that can be found?

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