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  1. Hii have a clock which was donated by the Pretoria Tramway staff to an unamed research indicates that the Pretoria Tramway co.closed down finally in 1939.I’m trying to establish the age of my clock.The face of my clock matches the one on your Web page with the exact the top of the face it has a slow L and a fast F for accurate adjustment.on the movement the number 4606 is stamped top right.bottom left number 1.41,On the guarantee and directions paper stapled on the inside of the door the number 416 stamped in ink.The wording “Strike Movements in Tambour Cases”appears.Not a pretty clock,but,it keeps time surprisingly well considering its age(loses about 5 min per week)approx.12inches Longx8inches High and 3inches Wide.hope you can assist me.Thank you kindly.Fred Fourie Johannesburg South Africa. (PS)I bought it at an auction about 25 US Dollars—-Whats it worth?

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