German Wall (Box) Clock

This wall or “box” clock was made in Germany, but has no maker’s markings. The movement says 42/105 and 392 on the back, and 392 on the front. It has a coil gong, with the gong base labeled “Viola-Gong D.R.G.M.” The German clock companies were trying to outdo each other in the richness of sound of their clocks, and many different names and trademarks were put on the gong bases.

The case is 26 7/8 inches tall and 13 1/2 inches wide, and the dial has a 7 1/4 inch time track. The dial is silvered brass with printed numerals.

This clock was probably made in the 1920s or 1930s.

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Repair job 5521. The pendulum and pendulum leader are a modern replacement.

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  1. I have a clock similar to the one shown and with the same ‘gong’ design as the photo.
    Mine is numbered 84574 and is one of 15/100.
    Is there any way of dating it?
    I note that the German Patent Mark D.R.G.M was used between 1891 – 1952.

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