Kundo Miniature 400 Day Clock

Here is a Kundo miniature 400 day clock that I just finished giving a general service and repair. The pivots were in good condition, but it needed cleaning and a suspension spring replacement.

The photo below shows the gears and anchor before the back plate was put on, and the complete clock:

Here is a video of the pendulum motion when the clock is fully wound:

Here is a video of the escapement action:

Job 4773

Back plate: 1406H
Suspension unit: 5E
Suspension spring: 0.0023 inches

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  1. I have a “brass” clock, I think it’s brass, fairly heavy for its size, had De Bruce on the face solid rectangular shape. If I send a picture do you think I can get some info on it. My dad was a jeweler and they had it as long as I can remember..
    Thank you

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