Ansonia Oak Kitchen or Shelf Clock

This Ansonia oak cased shelf clock is called the “Bedford” according to the label on the back. The 8-day movement strikes the hour and half-hour on a heavy wire or Cathedral gong. The case is 22 1/2 inches tall and 14 7/16 inches wide. The dial has a 4 7/8 inch minute track (outside diameter). The minute hand is just over 2 3/8 inches long from center to tip.

I first repaired this clock in 2004. The time mainspring recently broke, so my customer brought the clock back to me. I disassembled and cleaned the movement, and replaced both mainsprings (the strike spring was not broken but had a rough action that could indicate breakage in the near future). These Ansonia clock movements use thin mainsprings, so don’t let your clock repairer install the typical strong mainspring (this could cause undue wear).

Dimensions of the original mainsprings: Both are 3/4 inch wide and 0.015 inch thick.

Replacement mainsprings:

  • Time: 3/4  by 0.0138 by 120 inches (Empire 280-19-009)
  • Strike: 3/4 by 0.0147 by 120 inches (Empire 280-19-009)

Note: Empire is out of business and I have only a few of these springs left. I need to find another spring suitable for these Ansonia movements.

See more photos.

Repair job 5535.


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  1. I have a eight day Delhidate is 1858 or 1878 very good cont. Fansonia or Hansonia Clock Co, Brooklyn,NY. Can you give me a guess the value. Thanks

  2. evening sir,
    by any chance do you know the year it was made! cause i own one that has been in my family for 4 generations
    i don’t know to much abt clocks!
    it probably is still operational, but it hasn’t been wound up in 35yrs
    please if you know anything else about it let me know!
    thank you and have a good day sir

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