Kienzle Box (Wall) Clock

This clock dates from around 1900 – 1920. The movement was made by Kienzle in Germany. The case is 29 inches tall and 14 13/16 inches wide. The square background part of the dial has been painted black (it may have been silvered originally) and the chapter ring is a replacement. The minute hand is 3 1/2 inches long.

This clock has the typical coarser type of German movement ( as contrasted with some by Kienzle that have fine gears and pinions, very similar to the gearing in Lenzkirch movements and French movements). The back plate of the movement has the Kienzle wings trademark, and the front plate is labeled “Pat. Kienzle”

Back of the case is marked “J. Gutmahn Dorrebach”. The gong base is named “Hurra!”

See more pictures.

Repair job 5548.

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  1. I have given a clock that is like your German clock. It has the same gong base and the works look the same. The only thing on the works back plate is two crossed arrows. Do you know anything about this insigna?

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