1. I’ve seen widely varying prices on 1000 day clocks. Sometimes non-working ones sell for under $30 at auctions. There are various prices on ebay. I’ve sold working ones in my shop for around $400 – $450.

  2. I have a 1000 day Shantz clock that I purchased when I was in the Navy during 1958 or 1959. It was in a wooden box. It has since been used for a few years by my Mother and I have had it back in my possession for about 40 years now. I think that I used it for about 5 years total and it has since been setting idle. I have since lost the windup key and a spare pendulum part that turns about 1 and 1/2 turns. I don’t know what it is called. Other wise it is in prefect condition and was used very little. Can you give me a quote on value? I can send a picture if you need it.

  3. I’ve seen prices all over the place. Nice ones in my shop have sold for around $350. Non-working ones sell for around $35. There are various prices on ebay, it all depends on if it works and how good the brass case looks.

  4. Have a March 1956 Schatz 1000 day clock. Interested in value. Can you help? Thank you. Jeanne

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