Kundo Standard 400 Day Clock, ca. 1950, Black Logo

This is a Kundo standard 400 day clock from about 1950 with wide back plate. The name “Kundo” on the dial is written in black instead of red. This may be an early version of the logo (all the ones I remember seeing before have “Kundo” in red).

Repair job 5613. Horolovar back plate 1371. Suspension unit 1. 0.0032 inch Horolovar suspension spring.

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  1. Could you please tell me the value of a “Kundo Standard 400 Day Clock 1950 black logo. I am a member of a Charity organisation and we have had one donated for resale with all proceed going to charity. Thank you GC

  2. do you buy anniversary clocks… i have 5
    ..i want to sell… 45.00 each 2 kundos work … 2 broken kundos…one Helco ? and

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