Waltham Clock Co. Weight Driven Regulator Clock

This beautiful wall regulator has an oak case that is 37 1/2 inches tall and 18 5/8 inches wide. The painted dial has an oak bezel, and the minute track is 11 inches diameter. The minute hand is 5 11/16 inches from center to tip.

The movement has thick brass plates and hard steel pivots. The escapement is the Graham deadbeat, there is maintaining power to keep the clock going during winding, and stopworks to limit the amount of winding. The 7 pound weight hangs on a pulley, and there is a pulley at the top right of the case so that the weight descends at the right side of the case. There is a tie-down at the bottom to secure the pendulum while the clock is being transported.

When the clock came in for repair, one pulley was missing. There was significant wear to the pivots and pivot holes. I believe that the clock ran for years with only the top right pulley, resulting in twice the driving force applied to the movement. This could explain the wear, which seemed abnormally high.

Having the weight hang on a pulley reduces the driving force by 50%, and makes the weight descent half as fast. The pendulum has a lot of overswing (supplementary arc), and would probably run on 30% less weight and still have good overswing.

See more photos.

Repair job 5281.

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