Schatz Diamond Dial 400 Day Clock with Hole in Dome

This Schatz standard-sized 400 day clock with diamond-shaped dial is dated 7 53 (July 1953) on the back of the movement. This clock has a glass dome with a hole in the top that fits over the brass handle. The base has brass leveling discs. The movement has two jewels (bearings), an uncommon feature in Schatz standard 400 day clocks (but all the Schatz miniature clocks have two jewels). This movement also has an extra mainspring on gear T4 (the 4th wheel in the gear train). It is visible in the left photo below. This is a very weak mainspring, and was used on a relatively small number of clocks. They found that it gave no improvement in performance.

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Job 5650. Horolovar back plate 1287. 0.004 inch thick suspension spring.


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  1. Hi, do you supply the .004, for a Schatz 49, and is the length as it comes or must the length be adjusted please. Thank you

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