Baby Ben Style 7 Alarm Clock Made in October 1976

For years, we thought that the style 7 Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks were made from 1956 – 1964. We now know that the style 7 Baby Ben windup was revived ca. 1976. Here are photos of an example dated 10 76 (October 1976) on the movement, in its original box with instructions.

Here is how to identify this late style 7 Baby Ben:

  • The base is plastic, with number 58056 on the bottom. It is the same as the plastic base used on late style 8 Baby Ben alarm clocks.
  • The bezel has a matte or sand blasted finish.
  • The key and knobs are plastic.
  • The minute hand does not have a metal cap in the center.

This clock has been seen in boxes labeled “Special Baby Ben Buy!” It uses the aluminum movement that late style 8 clocks use.

See more pictures.


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