Hubbell? Clock Movement in Wall Regulator Case

This clock has an unusual movement that may have been made by Laporte Hubbell ca. 1865. There is no name on the movement or the case. The paper dial is a replacement, as is the mirror in the front door.

The case is 44 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The length of the minute hand is 5 1/2 inches. The case is solid walnut (not veneered)  and there is mahogany veneer on the backboard behind the pendulum.

I’ve seen similar movements with a lever escapement pictured in books, but this clock has a pendulum and a Graham deadbeat escapement. The movement is time-only with double spring drive, and may run for a month on a winding.

The case may have had some modifications made, although it looks old. The front door just sets in place, with two brass strips at the top to hold it. The mirror is new.

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