Schlenker & Kienzle Time and Strike Wall Clock

This pretty time and strike wall clock was made by Schlenker & Kienzle in Germany. The movement and the gong base have the Schlenker & Kienzle logo, as illustrated in  “Clock & Watch Trademarks of European Origin”, Karl Kochman, S. Larose, Inc. Greensboro, NC 1984.  p. 69. The clock strikes the hour and half hour on a single gong rod.

The movement’s serial number is 189251. The movement has fine pivots and pinions like a Lenzkirch or a French clock.

The case is 25 3/4 inches tall and 11 5/8 inches wide. The metal dial has a 6 inch minute track.

See more photos.

Repair job 5547.

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  1. Enjoyed the information on you web site. I have a Schlenker and Kenzie clock with this trade mark but it is slightly different than the one pictured herein. I bought it at a flea market some time ago and finally got around to taking the movement out and after cleaning and oiling it worked great after some minor adjustments. It appears to be a finely crafted movement and the case is in fairly good condition and appears to be made from walnut. I live in Texas and otherwise would enjoy visiting your shop. Thanks much for sharing your info on your website.

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