Seth Thomas Round Top Mantel Clock with 48-R Movement

This small round-top Seth Thomas mantel clock uses the no. 48-R round movement, 8-day time and strike with rack and snail striking (so it won’t get out of synchronization). The mahogany case is 10 3/8 inches tall and 7 3/16 inches wide. The white enamel dial has a 4 1/2 inch minute track, and the minute hand is 2 3/16 inches long.

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Repair job 5673. Polish pivots, 12 bushings, re-stake strike gear #4 on its hub, install new wires in S4 pinion, straighten 2 bent pivots.

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  1. My clock stopped. It is a dutch, westminster chime mantle clock. Do you repair or sell clockworks?
    Bruce Holmberg
    808 722 7078
    Replacement works is a La ROse 2 jewel.

  2. I use a Ollie Baker mainspring winder, but I have to use winding arbor without a gear on it to get it in and out of the barrel.

  3. Very nice. I just recently restored one just like it. Any tricks on getting the mainsprings back in the barrels?

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