Black Finish Kundo 400 Day Clock

I’ve never seen this style of 400 day clock before. The case has a painted black finish made to simulate hammered cast iron.

See more photos.

The movement is a regular Kundo miniature 400 day clock movement. One of my joys as a clock repairer is seeing all these wonderful types of clocks.

Job 5784. Besides the usual disassembly, cleaning and pivot polishing, I smoothed the ratchet gear, replaced the barrel arbor and installed a new suspension spring.

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  1. I inherited one of these from my late grandfather. It was presented to him in 1973 for 25 years service working for John Player and Sons in Nottingham, UK. It currently sits on my mantelpiece in memory to both him and my grandmother.

  2. I have the very same clock. My sisters bought it for my Father a long time ago then when he passed I received it. Now about to retire and looking to find a new home for it… but it is a very nice clock!

  3. Job 5784…..

    I have acquired this very same model with the wrought iron casing. Very unique clock… beautiful in my opinion. One difference I see is the clock you worked on has a different style of leveling feet than mine does. The feet on mine are the knurled tube type with rounded bottoms similar to the feet found on the solid brass carriage Kundos that have the white dial and the circle hour hand (but the feet are black). Second, the tops of the four posts above the top plate are solid brass… this particular clock could very well be pieced together from a donor clock, I guess there is no way to know for sure. I have scoured the web for info on this model but this post has been the only other Kundo I’ve found like it.

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