Ingraham Beehive Mantel Clock, 1914

This Ingraham “beehive” shaped mantel clock has an 8-day time and strike movement dated 3 14 (March 1914). The movements in these Ingraham mantel clocks run very efficiently thanks to their deadbeat escapement.

The case is 13 1/16 inches tall and 8 5/8 inches wide. The dial’s minute track is 4 3/8 inch in diameter, and the minute hand is 2 1/4 inches long.

Ingraham mantel clocks differ from other American mantel clocks in that the pendulum is in front of the movement, thus they provide a cutout in the bottom of the case for hanging the pendulum.

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Repair job 5827. Polished pivots, installed 13 bushings. The mainsprings are original 3/4 inch wide by 0.0175 inch thick. If you are replacing the mainspring in this movement, use 0.0165 inch or thinner springs.

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