Kroeber Regulator No. 31 Wall Clock

This mahogany-cased wall clock was made by F. Kroeber, New York, but it has a nameplate and instruction label of “Cook & Jaques” inside the case. The movement is labeled “F. Kroeber, New York”

Kroeber probably bought the movement from a maker such as Noah Pomeroy, who commonly made the type of escapement used in this clock (strip deadbeat),

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This clock has a special pendulum with an adjusting scale, patented by F. Kroeber on March 29, 1881.

The case is 29 3/4 inches long without the bottom finial.

Repair job 5840. disassembled and cleaned, no repair.


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  1. Hi Nikki, This is not the best time to be selling antique clocks, as the market is way down compared to 15 or so years ago. Maybe someone who would like to buy it will respond here. You could offer it on eBay.

  2. I also have that same clock, but I think mine came from NY Station, although my dad lived in Circleville, OH? When Penn Central RR Station was bought by Conrail, my dad had been working for Penn Central for many years. He had a friend that let him know the clock was being taken down. He asked him to save him that clock and he did.

    Does anyone know about what I could sell it for & where? It is in working order at this time. Are there collectors out there that would want to buy this clock?

    Please let me know if anyone has additional knowledge about this clock. Thank you!!

  3. I have this exact clock that has been handed down from my family. Mine hung in the Railroad station in Clarksville, OH and the base is inscribed with PC&S for Penn Central and Southern Line. My great grandfather was the station master.

    I was excited to see this post as I had never been able to find out anything about this clock. If you have any other info about it I would greatly appreciate it.

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