Ansonia Iron Mantel Clock

I just completed the overhaul of an Ansonia iron cased mantel clock (my job no. 4422). It has the common 4 pillar 8 day time and strike movement of dimensions 5 x 3-1/4 inches. In this clock, a previous repairer had replaced the srike mainspring with one that is 3/4 inches wide and .018 inches thick. The time spring was an original that is .0153 inches thick.

When assembling the movement, I put the original thin mainspring in the striking side, and for the time mainspring used a spring 3/4 inches wide x .0138 inches thick by 120 inches long (no. 77.303 from R & M Imports). This spring gives a good pendulum motion of just over twice the escape arc. It will run the clock reliably without causing excessive wear.

Ansonia Iron Mantel Clock

Movement back of ansonia Iron Mantel Clock

Movement back of ansonia Iron Mantel Clock

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  1. I have this exactly …the same clock could you please tell me a price of what it is worth ?

  2. I have the identical model of this clock. Can you tell me the name or model of it? I have seen names such as “Baronet” or “Alhambra” and I know there are thousands of models….I just want to know all I can find out about this one before I take it to my clock pro to clean and get it back running.

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