Schatz Midget 400 Day Clock Made in 1968

This Schatz “Midget” 400 day clock was made in September, 1968 (date code 9 68 on the back of the movement). The midget is identified by “JUM/7” in the circle on the back. The pendulum on these clocks goes faster than on the miniature models – it makes 12 half-oscillations per minute.

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Repair job 5906. Horolovar back plate no. 1013B. I polished the pivots, replaced the damaged barrel cap, and replaced the suspension spring with 0.0023 inch thick Horolovar spring. (The Horolovar repair guide calls for a 0.0022 inch spring, but that was too thin and the clock ran slow, so I used a 0.0023 inch thick spring. This midget movement makes 12 beats per minute, not 10 as stated in the Repair Guide.)

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  1. Hi, I recently acquired a Schatz Midget 400 Day Clock Made in 1968. Is it supposed to chime? Mine does not and I can’t find an on/off level but perhaps this clock doesn’t chime.

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