Schatz Cuckoo Clock Dated 10 54 (October 1954)

This Schatz cuckoo clock is dated 10 54 (October 1954) on the movement. It is the first one I’ve seen with a movement date. The movement also has RR for Remington Rand, the importer.

IMG_4835 IMG_4829 Closeup of back plate showing the date code 10 54 (Octover 1954).

Schatz designed and made their own cuckoo clock movement. They made only one movement model, an 8-day, with the design of the bird in the plates.

See more photos.

Repair job 6073. Pivots polished, installed 17 bushings.

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  1. 17 bushings? That’s quite a few. I just got one of these in for repair, and the pivots look pretty good. There’s no movement date or other stamping aside from the Schatz logo, which says “KU50” in the center.

    Oh: there is something wrong with your website’s Capcha feature, but it corrects itself after the first try.

    Mark Kinsler
    Lancaster, Ohio 43130

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