Gilbert Black Mantel Clock Made in 1916

This Gilbert Black Mantel clock has a date stamp of 16 (meaning year 1916) on the movement. The painted wooden case is 16 9/16 inches wide at the feet, and 10 7/8 inches tall. The celluloid covered dial has Arabic numerals, and the minute hand is 2 19/32 inches long.

The movement has steel plates with brass bushings for the pivots to rotate in. Brass is traditionally used for movement plates, but several American makers (including Gilbert, Waterbury and Ingraham) used steel plates around 1900 – 1920. The repairer can ream the brass bushings and insert new bushings, just like installing bushings in a brass movement plate.

IMG_5052 IMG_5068IMG_5048

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Repair job 6068. I polished the pivots and installed 15 bushings, and straightened a bent pivot. The rear time main wheel pivot was very rough, it left the factory that way. Gilbert movements commonly have rough pivots from the factory. The original mainsprings are 3/4 inch wide and 0.0167 inch thick.

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  1. I don’t have parts for sale, you can possibly find one on eBay, but this type of part is hard to find. If you have the old face and it needs restoring, the following place can do it:

  2. need the proper dial for my gilbert clock. It should be in two pieces. Outer edge diameter is very close to 4.5 inches with holes for windings around the 4 and 8. The inner circle of face plate just has the Wm L. Gilbert info and it’s outer diameter is just under 2 inches. I have not been able to find a clock photo that matches my mantel clock and there is no date stamp on the brass frame. I did find a photo of another mantel clock the looks very similar maybe a match to my door and face dial. You don’t have a means to upload photos

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