Saving an Original Dial (Ingraham Oak Kitchen Clock)

This Ingraham oak kitchen clock had a terrible looking replacement dial when my customer brought it in. The dial was 3/8 inch oversize and covered too much of the dial pan.

She asked me to install a new paper dial. I removed the dial, and found a thick layer of gold paint. I soaked the dial pan in Zip Strip paint remover, and as the paint came off, the original paper dial was revealed! I gently rubbed the paint off and let it soak in the stripper for a couple of hours, then rinsed off the paint and stripper with water.

I cleaned and lacquered the original keyhole grommets, and touched up the dial pan with a “gold leaf” pen.

Photos: Left – the incorrect replacement dial after removal; Center – the original face after paint removal; Right – the complete clock.

IMG_5146 IMG_5147 IMG_5149

The clock is 22 inches tall and 14 11/16 inches wide. The dial’s minute track is 4 15/16 inches diameter. The minute hand is 2 7/16 inches long. The movement date is 1914.

See more photos.

Repair job 6086. Dial only, no movement work.


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