A Late Ingraham Tambour Mantel Clock, Made in 1940

This Ingraham tambour mantel clock is dated 1940 on the movement. I haven’t seen one this new before. The movement has been simplified from the earlier ones. The escapement is located on the back of the movement, and there is no regulator through the dial, the pendulum must be removed and its nut turned to regulate the clock.

The strip deadbeat escapement IMG_5219 IMG_5228

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The case is 20 13/16 inches wide and 9 5/16 inches tall. The dial is silvered brass with embossed numerals and printed minute marks. The minute track is 5 1/2 outside diameter, and the minute hand is 2 3/4 inches long.

The clock strikes bim-bam on the hour, a strikes once on one for for the half-hour. The movement has the date code 11 14 (November 1940). The date code is stamped on the inside  of the back plate, visible only when the movement is apart. The year is stamped on one of the bent-up tabs that serve as stops to limit mainspring expansion.

Repair job 6082. Partial overhaul. 6 pivots polished and 7 bushings installed.

These Ingraham mantel clock movements are very efficient because of the good escapement. The strip deadbeat escapement has a small escape arc and large running arc. The movement can have thin mainsprings and still run well. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the mainspring thickness on this clock.

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  1. I have a Late Tambour Mantel clock that I am restoring. It is a dead ringer (no pun intended) for the one pictured on this page. The purchase date is Aug. 16/30. I need a pendulum. Where can I get one or tell me its weight and I will manufacture my own.

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