New Haven Oak Kitchen Clock

I just finished a New Haven oak kitchen clock (my job no. 4333). The movement has 4 pillars and the dimensions are 4-9/16 x 3-1/4. The time mainspring is held by a separate short pillar attached to back plate. This movement has thin springs for time and strike. The two springs are both old but they are different, so I don’t know which one (if any) is original. The spring thicknesses are:

Time: 0.0165 inch

Strike: 0.0160 inch

This clock has nice old thin springs, and the pendulum motion is good, and so is the striking speed.

New Haven Oak Kitchen Clock

Movement of New Haven Oak Kitchen CLock

For future reference, some of the pivot diameters are:

T5F: 1.2 mm
T4F: 1.2 mm
T3F: 1.2 mm
T2F: 1.55 mm

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