New Haven Clyde Walnut Kitchen Clock, ca. 1885

New Haven Clock Co. made this walnut shelf clock called “Clyde” about 1885. It is an 8-day clock that strikes the hours.  (Half-hour striking became popular later). The case is 22 1/4 inches tall and 14 5/8 inches wide. The photos below don’t show the dial and hands, as they aren’t original to the clock.

 IMG_5687 IMG_5678 IMG_5676

See more photos.

Job 6187. I did the following repairs:

  • Made and installed new click rivets;
  • Re-pinned 5 pinions;
  • Reversed the wires in one pinion;
  • Polished the pivots;
  • Installed 15 bushings.

The mainsprings are original to the clock. They are very thick, rough steel that is common for very old American mainsprings. This movement is interesting in having a strike mainspring only 1/2 inch wide. The springs’ dimensions are:

  • Time: 3/4 inch wide by 0.0198 inch thick
  • Strike: 1/2 inch wide by 0.02 inch thick

Is spite of their thickness, the mainsprings haven’t caused much wear to the mainwheel teeth. This is because old steel doesn’t have the strength of modern steel. Therefore, if these springs break, they must be replaced with much thinner new springs (about 0.0165 inch thick).

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