Kundo Min. 400 Day Clock With Lots of bushings!

My customer sent this clock to me after it had been to 2 other repair shops and still didn’t work.

IMG_6433 IMG_6432 IMG_6428

One of the previous shops had done things that shouldn’t be done:

  • The clock had 10 bushings installed. Normally, 400 day clocks don’t need bushings, as they don’t wear much;
  • The escapement (the part that goes tick – tock) had been messed with and was out of adjustment. The escapement is set up properly at the factory and shouldn’t need adjustment;
  • There was too much oil!

After cleaning the clock, I polished 8 pivots and then adjusted the escapement (moved both pallets in and lowered the rear anchor pivot hole). The clock worked great! The pendulum motion was over a full turn (4.7 – 4.8 balls).

See more photos.

Job 6280. I installed a 0.0024 inch suspension spring. Horolovar back plate no. 1406H.

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