Maroon Schatz 400 Day Clock, Diamond Dial with Japanese Lanterns

I think this is among the prettiest 400 day clocks ever made. The case is maroon and brass, and the dial has a picture of 2 people lighting Japanese lanterns. I illustrated the same model before (see Schatz Painted 400 Day Clocks with Diamond Dial), but I like them so much I posted this one too.

IMG_7968 IMG_7969 IMG_7970The color is darker in real life than it appears in the pictures.

Repair job 6342. I polished 6 pivots, polished the minute wheel screw, and installed a new suspension spring (0.004 inch thick Horolovar). The movement has the date 6-52 (June 1952) and is Horolovar back plate number 1281. It has adjustable pallets.

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  1. Good morning. You have a great website and it was there that I spotted the Maroon Shatz 400 Day Clock. When my dear Mom passed away some years ago I was given the clock by my siblings. It did not work and I recently had it repaired by a reputable clock shop in California where I reside.

    I never had a winding key for it and am wondering if you might have one that I may purchase. Also, as you most certainly know given your knowledge and experience, there are no balance adjustment screws on the base in order to enable the pendulum to rotate freely. How is the balancing accomplished under these circumstances? Thank you for your response. Respectfully,

    Brian Peterson

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