Schatz Standard Ivory and Brass 400 Day Clock with No Name or Date, made about 1949

I repaired this “Jahresuhrenfabrik” or “Schatz” 400 day clock recently. There is no name on the dial, and no date code on the back of the movement. The movement has the earlier type of motion work under the dial. These features are found on clocks made around 1949.

The case is brass with ivory color painted areas. The dial is the standard enamel dial.

IMG_7916 IMG_7919 IMG_7922

See more photos.

Repair job 6298. I polished the pivots and installed a new .004 inch suspension spring.

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  1. This exact same clock turned up on my late Luciel,s mantle. Dose work but not for long ( 2 days). Questions, aprox fix price, and what is it worth. Will need to know how to saftely ship to you for repair

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