Ingraham Tambour with Quick Release Dial

The dial on this Ingraham tambour can be removed very quickly. Instead of the 4 usual screws holding the dial pan to the case, it has 4 studs fastened in the case front, and 4 semi-circular openings in the side of the dial pan which snap over the studs.

Ingraham Tambour with Quick Release Dial

The back door of the case gives these instructions:


The dial of this clock is fastened to the case at four points, opposite numerals 2, 4, 8 and 12 respectively.

To remove dial, open sash, and take off hands. Then with thumb press outward on matting opposite numeral8, at the same time raising carefully on sash. Repeat the operation opposite numeral 10, after which a slight pressure on opposite side of matting will entirely release dial.

To replace, hook one side of dial over two pins in proper location and snap down on other side.

The movement on this clock is dated 9-19 (September 1919). My job no. 4420 (clock not repaired, just lubricated per the customer’s request.)

One of the brass dial mounting studs is located to the right of the winding square in the photo below:

Ingraham Tambour with Quick Release Dial - closeup

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  1. I have a similar Ingraham mantle clock. I’m having trouble removing the hour hand. It seems to be held in place by special nut & brass washer. Is this true? I keep turning this nut but don’t know if I’m wrong. Thanks.

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