Late Model Seth Thomas Electric Striking Clock – Exeter-E

This electric Seth Thomas mantel clock strikes the hour and half hour on 2 chime rods. The back of the movement has the date code 7110 (October 1971). Seth Thomas quit making their own movements in the mid-1950s, so this movement is from Germany, possibly made by Hermle, who made many movements for Seth Thomas. The capsule motor is from the USA and is the same motor that contemporary Westclox electric clocks use, starting in the late 1950s.

The movement after repair. IMG_6337 IMG_6408

The case is 10.5 inches tall and 4 1/16 inches wide. The dial’s minute track is 4.5 inches diameter.

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This clock shows signs of cost-cutting. The dial is riveted to the metal brackets that attach to the front of the movement. Hex nuts hold the brackets to the movement, but since the dial is riveted on, it is a pain to remove the nuts! (You need to insert a wrench between the dial and the movement.). And the dial mounts to a Masonite board. The steel arbors are nickel or chrome plated. The plating on back of the center arbor had started to flake, causing the c-clip that holds the tension spring to come off. I removed the plating so the tension spring would stay on.

Repair job 6265. The motor was good. I polished the pivots and installed 11 bushings, and removed the nickel plating from the back of the center arbor so the c-clip would stay on while setting the hands.

Movement model number A305-004. The label on the case back has date code 7307 (July 1973). A smaller label has:

CAT: 215
MODEL: E538-004

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