Sessions Oak Cased Drop Octagon (Schoolhouse) Clock

Here’s a Sessions schoolhouse or drop octagon clock in an oak case. It has a time-only movement (no striking) The dial is paper on a metal pan. I like the style of the hands.

IMG_8142 The movement is mounted crooked in the case. IMG_8178

See more photos.

Repair job 6365. A previous repair shop had installed 3 large, ugly screw-in bushings (note to new clock repairers: don’t use screw-in bushings!). I secured them in place, filed them down to look better, and installed proper bushings – “American System” KWM-sized bushings).

I polished the pivots and installed 7 bushings. The mainspring was broken, I installed a new 3/4 by .0162 by 120 inch mainspring (Timesavers part number 15959). I removed the round brass clickspring and installed a round steel clickspring for reliability.

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  1. Hello, I came across your information when I was researching a Seth Thomas clock I purchased. I wondered if you can help me find out about the clock? It is a non-chiming Seth Thomas wood clock. The only information on it is numbers stamped on the bottom 31 9. It is also stamped on the door that accesses the pendulum. The pendulum is there and makes a rather loud noise, but it is hidden by the wood of the case. The face is numbers instead of roman numerals and it says Seth Thomas. On the bottom of the face it says Made by Seth Thomas in the U.S.A. It is a rounded face, not octagon. I was researching on the internet and can’t find anything and was wanting to pick your brain. Thanks for any info you have.

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