Seth Thomas Giant No. 3 Oak Kitchen Clock in Many Pieces!

This clock was in pieces when it came into my shop. It had been dropped, crudely repaired, and later dropped again.

The clock as received. The clock as received.

My father-in-law Barry removed the excess glue and cleaned the case pieces. He assembled it and touched up the finish. I gave it a top coat of Deft satin lacquer. The new door glass is from Timesavers. The dial was missing, and I found a perfect-fitting Seth Thomas original on eBay.

The movement before repair

The movement was filthy and had many problems. I did the following repairs:

  1. Replaced the strike mainspring;
  2. Replaced the click rivets (for reliable winding);
  3. Replaced damaged clickspring;
  4. Replaced the wires in four pinions;
  5. Straightened the escape wheel teeth;
  6. Re-faced the pallets;
  7. Polished the pivots;
  8. Installed 16 bushings;
  9. Replaced the suspension rod

IMG_8146 IMG_7973 The movement after repair.

See more photos.

Repair job 6225. We call this the “hip” movement because of the plate shape. It has 11/16 inch wide loop end mainsprings. The time mainspring is original. Its thickness varies from 0.017 inch to 0.0175 inch. I replaced the strike mainspring with a 11/16 by .0162 by 96 inch No. 175.3 from Mile Hi Clock Supplies. The original strike spring was 0.0181 inch thick and was causing mainwheel tooth wear.

After repair, the strike train squeaked slightly. I cured it by securing the pinion wires in gear S4 with Locktite.

The door glass is Timesavers no. 18236.

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