Waterbury Half Column Clock with Coat of Arms Glass Painting

I repaired this beautiful Waterbury clock earlier this year. It is a 30 hour weight-driven clock in a half-column case with gild and marbleized columns and walnut veneer. Everything appears original – nice painted dial with 95 percent of the original paint, nice reverse painted glass with a coat-of-arms, and a great label on the backboard.

The case is 24 5/8 inches tall, 16 3/16 inches wide at the top, and 15 1/2 inches wide at the bottom. The back of the dial has Oct. 16, 1867 penciled on it. The minute hand is 3 21/32 inches long.

IMG_6072IMG_6091 IMG_6093

See more photos.

Repair job 6264. I cleaned the movement, polished 4 pivots and installed 3 bushings. I closed the verge (made the pallet tips closer together) to reduce the drop onto the exit pallet. I reverse the wires in one pinion to let the unworn surface engage the driving gear.

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