Waterbury “Admiral” 30-Day Round Drop Oak Cased Wall Clock

Here’s a nice old time-only 30-day wall regulator by Waterbury Clock Company. This is a round-drop oak case, 31 inches tall and 17 inches wide. The painted dial with Roman numerals has a time track that is 12 1/16 inches outside diameter. The instruction label on the back of the case says the model name is “Admiral.”

The hour and minute hands are original, the second hand may be a replacement. The dial paint is original, with varnish or something else making it an uneven yellow. The door glass has the original “REGULATOR’ lettering.

The movement has two mainsprings, so that while you wind up one spring, the other spring keeps the clock running. Besides the two mainwheels, the simple time train has a second wheel, center or third wheel, fourth wheel and escape wheel. The escapement is the Graham deadbeat.

IMG_3573IMG_3567See more pictures.

According to the book “Waterbury Clocks” by Tran Duy Ly, the Admiral was made in the following versions around 1912:

  • 8 Day, Time $7.50
  • 8 Day, Half-hour Strike $8.50
  • 8 Day, Half-hour Strike, Gong $9.00
  • 8 Day, Time, Calendar $8.00
  • 8 Day, Half-hour Strike, Calendar $9.00
  • 8 Day, Half-hour Strike, Gong, Calendar $9.50
  • 30 Day, Time with Second Hand $9.50

Repair job 6582. I installed new pins in the second pinion (the original pins were bent), polished the pivots and installed 9 bushings. I replaced both mainsprings with 3/4 x .0163 x 120 inch mainsprings (the left mainspring was broken and the right one was stronger than necessary).

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