Seth Thomas Style 1 30 Hour Half Column Shelf Clock

Here is Seth Thomas “Style 1 30 Hour Half Column Shelf Clock” that I repaired. There were three styles of this clock, and they are illustrated on my website. The style 1 was made from ca. 1850 to ca. 1860. I give more history of these clocks on the following web page:

IMG_5439 IMG_5414


See more photos.

This clock is 24 15/16 inches tall and 15 1/8 inches wide. The minute hand is 3.5inches long from center to tip.

Notice the flower and leaf design in each corner. This style of flower and leaf appears on many Seth Thomas dials in the 1850s.

Repair job 6684. I polished the pivots and installed 9 bushings.

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  1. Usually, a no. 3 crank key will fit, but sometimes the size is slightly different.

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