Waterbury “Sussex” One-Day Shelf Clock, Inlaid Walnut Case

Here is a Waterbury “Sussex” one day walnut shelf clock with nice original painted dial. The inlaid caseĀ  is 17 5/8 inches tall without the top trim piece. The minute track of the dial is 4 7/8 inches diameter. The hour hand is original, except for the tip. The minute hand is a replacement.

The two original labels with name “Sussex” and with instructions, are on the back.

The movement was patented Sept. 22, 1874.

See more photos.

Job 6521. I installed new time and strike mainsprings 5/16 wide by .015 inch thick by 42 inches long. I also polished the pivots and installed 12 bushings.






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  1. “One Day At a Time” – My oh my that’s a lot of windings since 1874. Oh the patent date. How old is the clock then? It takes some dedication to keep a clock like this running. Well done for preserving it

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