Red Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock, April 1902

Here is a pretty Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock dated April 1902 on the bottom of the case (and “No. 633”). It has two celluloid half-columns on each side of the case. The Adamantine finish was mahogany color when new, but some of it has faded to orange.

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Repair job 6558. I did a partial overhaul including disassembling the movement, cleaning it and replacing both mainsprings (the time mainspring was broken, and the strike mainspring was a replacement that was too strong). Both new mainsprings are R & M 3/4 by .0165 by 120 inches. I also polished one pivot, installed one bushing, tightened the strike click rivet and straightened the bent arbor of strike gear no. 2.

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