Ingraham Oak Kitchen Clock with Steel Plate Movement

This Ingraham kitchen clock I repaired has a beautiful oak case with an interesting embossed basket weave pattern on the sides and base. The arch design on the glass is original. Some glasses with this pattern have the saying “Time is Money.” The case is 22 3/8 inches tall and 15 Inches wide. The dial’s minute track is 4 15/16 inches outside diameter.

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Most clocks have brass plates to hold the gears and other parts together, but this one has steel plates. There is no date stamp on the movement, but I estimate it was made around 1900 (many Ingraham movements starting just before 1900 have a month and year stamp on the front plate).

Gilbert and Waterbury also made some movements with steel plates, with brass bushings for the pivots to rotate in. This Ingraham movement, however, DOES NOT have brass bushings; the steel pivots rotate in holes drilled in the steel plates; this steel on steel action caused major wear to several pivots, one pivot needed replacing because it was worn about halfway through!

Repair job 7484-1. I repivoted T4B, installed two new click rivets, polished the pivots, trued the escape wheel teeth, and closed the verge to reduce the inside drop.

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