Ansonia Long Drop Regulator “A” Wall Clock

I repaired this great old Ansonia long drop octagon wall clock. The name on the glass is “Regulator A”. This clock has an 8-day time and strike movement, it was also available as a time-only clock. It was made around 1880 – 1900.

See more pictures.

Repair job 7424. I topped the escape wheel teeth, installed new pins in the escape wheel pinion, polished the pivots and installed 18 bushings. The pallets were worn, so I polished out the wear and closed them to equalize the drops.

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  1. Dear Bill Stoddard

    I’m from Brazil and I’m transforming an ansonia model: C.1904, into a long regulator. I noticed you did a great job with one. I ask if possible the following information: I need to know the size and how many teeth has the Escape wheel, and also the size of the Vertices-Enter the Plate, so that I can make the necessary changes here.


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