Ansonia Queen Elizabeth Wall Clock

I overhauled an Ansonia “Queen Elizabeth” wall clock, oak case, 37 inches tall, 8 day time only spring driven (my job no. 4446).


The (probably) original mainspring is 0.0165 inches thick. After the overhaul, the running arc is about 1.4 times the escape arc.

It is interesting that the movement is mounted tilted in the case.


Note the date Oct. 19, 1899 written in pencil on the label. This is probably the date of sale.


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  1. I have one of these Queen Elizabeth clocks and has been in our family for generations. The label on the back shows the Traid is in excellent condition but I wouldn’t say mint condition.

  2. i have one of these clocks, it is in good condition & worked the last time we tried it, can yiu give me a ball park value? thankyou, jean

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