1950’s 400 Day Clocks Do Not Need to Have Bushings Installed!

One interesting thing about repairing 400 day clocks, is that they almost NEVER need bushing. The few that have come into my shop with bushings installed by a previous repairer, would have been better off if they had not been bushed (because the bushings were installed off-center and were too tight on the pivots)!

The gears in 400 day clocks turn so slowly that the pivot holes wear very little. A 100 year old 400 day clock that has been running for many years might possibly need a bushing or two, but it is a bad idea to routinely bush 400 day clocks.

Many 1950’s 400 day clocks (especially the Schatz) can benefit by having some of the pivots smoothed and burnished. Take a close look at the pivots after cleaning, and quite often the the second, third and fourth wheel pivots will show slight pitting. Smooth broaching the pivot holes (using an oiled round broach) is also a good idea.

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